What's the Difference?

Scroll down for our handy guides to the differences between the main Blundstone styles as well as Blundstone vs Redback comparisons. 

If you have any questions about styles or sizing please feel free to contact us to find out more.


Original vs Classic Series Blundstones

Main differences:

Sole: The Classic Series has a slightly more cushioned sole than the Original Series.

Lining: The Classic Series is leather lined, whereas the Original Series is unlined.

Insoles: The Classic Series comes with a spare pair of insoles for a more flexible fit.

Additional differences:

550 vs 500

Colour: The 550 is a slightly lighter walnut brown than the 500 which is a very dark stout brown


Thermal vs Non-Thermal Series Blundstones

Main Differences: 

Lining: The Thermal Series is lined with leather and Thinsulate thermal lining. The Classic Series are lined with leather. 

Insoles: The Thermal Series comes with sheepskin insoles, whereas the Classic Series comes with standard Blundstone insoles (plus a spare pair of thin insoles).

Waterpoofing: The Thermal Series are factory waterproofed and the elastic is waterproof. The Classic Series is not waterproofed but rely on the natural waterproofing of the leather. 

Size: The Thermal Series are sized up to accommodate the sheepskin insole which can make them a very generous fit. If you'd like to have a chat about what size you might need then feel free to contact us here.


Dress vs Original Series

Main Differences:

Sole: The Dress Series has a slimmer sole profile than the Original Series, as well as slightly less grip. 

Toe: The Dress Series has a chiseled (slightly flattened) toe whereas the Original Series toe is rounded.

Lining: Both boots are unlined. 


Redback UBOK vs Blundstone 500

Main differences:

Construction: Apart from the obvious difference in shape the Redback UBOK is constructed from three leather parts whereas the Blundstone 500 is made from two. This means that the Blundstone has less joins in the leather.

Sole: Redbacks have a translucent and slightly more grippy sole than the Blundstone 500. 

Lining: Both boots are unlined.

Overview: A lot of the choice between Blundstone and Redback comes down to looks. On top of that the Redback is a very robust, great all-round boot for work, walks and tough jobs. The 500 is a very versatile and hard-wearing boot that will suit every occasion.