BLUNDSTONE - What are the main differences between the Blundstone styles? 

Classic Styles - (500, 510) the original, classic Blundstone boots. The 500 is a very dark brown (Blundstone call this stout brown, and it is almost black) with brown elastic sides, and the 510 is black wth black elastic sides. Both of these styles have the classic Blundstone round toe. They do not have a leather lining

Leather-Lined - (550, 585, 587, 1316, 1403, 1434) boots in this range have round toes, and a soft leather lining. The lower, harder-wearing section of the sole, is slightly thicker than on the 500 and 510 (but the overall sole thickness is virtualy identical). Compared to the 500 and 510, they have a slightly more cushioned insole. The  Styles in this range include the flagship 550 (walnut brown leather - still dark brown, but not as dark as the stout brown 500), the 585 (rustic brown nubuck), the 1316 (black with red elastic and a red section on the sole), the 1403 (black with blue elastic and a blue section on the sole), the 1458 (water-repellant brown suede), the 587 (rustic black nubuck leather) and the 1434 (steel rub, which is a grey-brown, with black elastic sides).

Dress Boots- (062, 063, 1302, 1306) Blundstone dress boots have a slightly thinner soles than the rest of the styles. They also have a square end to the toe - a chisel toe. There are four dress boot styles - the 062 (brown) and 063 (black), the 1306 which is rustic brown nubuck, and the 1302 which is a deep burgundy. 

Lightweight Featherflex Canvas Boot - (1421, 1422, 1424, 1426) Durable, lightweight, breathable canvas upper with an anti bacterial lining, which is fungal, mildew, mould and odour resistant. A lightweight antibacterial insole. Round toe with Blundstone pull tags. Phylon/Evg rubber sole.

Lightweight Featherflex Nubuck leather Boot (1428, 1429) The same features as the Lightweight canvas boots but with a lightweight nubuck leather upper.  

Lace-up - (1450, 1451, 1454) The 1450 is a rustic brown nubuck lace-up, the 1451 is rustic black nubuck and the 1454 is dark brown grained leather (looks a bit like snake skin). These can be a particularly good option for people who need a more adjustable boot fit.

Women's Hole Punch Style - (1441, 1443)  Blundstone developed this style as a slightly lighter boot with additional detail (the leather has little punch holes running around the elastic sides). The ankle is a bit higher than the other styles.

Women's Stacked Heel - (1673, 1671) This boot was designed specifically with women in mind. The heel is raised and the sole is thinner than the unisex boots. They are still super-comfy! The fit on these boots is virtually identical to women's UK sizes.

Waterproofed - (584) The 584 is a factory-waterproofed, Thinsulate-lined, brown nubuck boot with a sheepskin insole.

Safety - (192, 910) there are two Blundstone safety work boots: the stout brown 192 (EN ISO 20345), and the black 910 (EN ISO 20345 CES3) with extra mid-sole penetration protection. Both have steel toecaps.

Kids boots - (530, 531, 1413, 1419, 565) there are five Blundstone styles for kids: the 530 (brown), the 531 (black), the 1413 (brown with cool stripey sides) 1419 (burgundy) and the 565 (brown nubuck). All of the kids boots are leather lined and come with an extra pair of insoles, which, when fitted, reduces sizes by half a size – essentially two sizes in one!  

REDBACK - What are the main differences between the Redback styles?

Original Style - (UBOK, UBBK, UBCH) These boots are the orignal style Redback boots. Made with 3 piece leather upper and hardwearing sole. The midsole offers more cushioning for better shock absorption and the sole is also made to support the arch of the foot. The UBOK is brown in colour and the UBBK is black. The UBCH is a light brown nubuck leather boot in the same original style. A very comfortable boot that is also oil and acid resistant.

Waterproof - (UNPU) The UNPU boot has V Cut leather upper and has been waterproofed. The boot has a slightly different cut to the UBOK and UBBK and is a slightly lighter brown than the UBOK but the sole has the same benefits.

Safety Boots - (USBOK, USBBK, USABK, COBAR). These boots have steel toecaps and comply to Safety code EN ISO 20345:2011. USBOK and USBBK are the same style as the UBOK/UBBK but have the safety element added. The USABK is a lace-up safety boot with padded ankle and tongue and the COBAR is a lace-up safety boot with quick side zip release.

ROSSI - What are the main differences between the Rossi styles?

Rossi Boots - (315,783). These two styles are made of a thicker kip leather and have a bigger pull tag at the back of the ankle. They are also a heavier boot. The 315 Biga boot is a wider, fuller fit so is roomier than other makes of boot. The 783 Penrith Boot is a Safety boot with a steel toe cap. They have a ISO 20345: 2011 and AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 safety rating.


ORCA BAY - What are the main differences between the Orca Bay styles?

Brecon boot - Elk (warm red/brown) Sand (light brown) and Havana (brown). The Brecon range are a stylish nubuck oiled leather with a pull tab at the back of the boot. Leather insoles, a deep tread rubber sole and treated water resistent leather.

Cotswold Ladies boot - Brown. The Cotswold ladies boot has many of the features of the Brecon range of boots, however the tread is slightly thinner. The fit is tighter than the Brecon, based upon the EU womens sizing rather than unisex.


General FAQs

What is the difference between Suede and Nubuck?

Suede is the inside surface of the leather. Nubuck is the outside of the leather which has been slightly abraded to create a velvety surface.

How do I care for Nubuck?

We sell a nubuck foam cleaner which, in conjunction with a suede brush, will help to lift off any dirt. A damp cloth works well on nubuck too, followed by a rub wth a nubuck brush. It's worth experimanting with the green, abrasive, side of one of those little washing up sponges because they can work wonders too. As for feeding the leather, that's difficult. Any waxy or oily conditioner or polish will effectively turn a nubuck surface back into a normal leather surface. That's not necessaruly a bad thing though, depending on what you like. Rustic brown nubuck (as on the 585 and 1306) looks great if it's polished. The velvety nap goes, but the patchy colour of the leather remains - that's worth experimenting with.

 What if my boots don't fit, or I simply don't like them?

We accept returns for exchange or refund. All we ask is that the boots are in the same good condition they were received i.e. in original box with tags, tried out on a carpet etc. We ask customers to pay for any returns/exchanges. This can be Royal Mail 1st, 2nd Class with a proof of posting for your records or tracked/signed for if you wish. We will pay for the first pair of exchanged boots we send out. Please refer to our Returns page for more information.

 How long does delivery take and what if it doesn't arrive?

We send out boots by Royal Mail 48hr Tracked so delivery will ideally take 2-3 days. If the boots are required sooner there is a Royal Mail 24hr Tracked delivery service available or Special Guaranteed Next Day delivery (special delivery is an additional cost of £8.95). 

If your parcel does not arrive within 3 days, please first check with your neighbours. If you then contact us we will investigate. Please refer to our Delivery page for more information.