For a quick guide to the differences between the most popular Blundstone and Redback styles check out our "What's the Difference?" page here. For more a more in-depth exploration read on...

Blundstone vs Redback – What’s the difference?

Both are Australian brands that have been around a long time and are renowned for quality and comfort. Redbacks are still manufactured in Australia, Blundstones are not but the company is still based in Tasmania. 

Redback are very hard-wearing, well-constructed boots.

Blundstones are made for comfort and durability. We sell a huge range of styles, from dress boots and summer canvas styles through to tough safety boots. They are an excellent all-round boot. 

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Blundstones – What’s the difference between different styles/series’

Original Series

This is the original Blundstone boot design. These boots are un-lined and the sole is lightly less cushioned than the Classic Series. They do not come with an additional spare insole.

These boots are a slightly more lightweight, breathable option than the other leather Blundstone boots. They are hard-wearing and extremely comfortable.

There is a v-shaped seam in the front of the ankle and two seams either side of the heel piece of the boot.

Classic Series

Based on the Original Series design, the Classic Series looks virtually identical from the outside. On the inside they are leather lined and have a slightly deeper and more cushioned sole. They also come with an additional thin insole which can be placed under the footbed for a more snug fit, or used without the footbed to provide a looser fit. 

There is a v-shaped seam in the front of the ankle and two seams either side of the heel piece of the boot. In addition there is a seam on the inside of the boots from the bottom of the elastic down to the sole. 

Thermal Series

Based on the Classic Series the Thermal Series is identical in look and feel to the Classic Series. The Thermal Series are thinsulate-lined and factory treated with a waterproofer. The elastic is waterproof. In addition they come with sheepskin insoles for added warmth and comfort. 

The Thermal Series boots do not come with an additional insole.

These boots are sized up in order to accommodate the sheepskin insole. So if, for example, you ordered a size 7 the actual boot would be size 8 but with the addition of the sheepskin insole it feels closer to a size 7. This does mean that sometimes these boots can feel larger than their equivalent sizes in other Blundstone styles. Please check out our sizing page for more detailed information.

Women’s Series

The Women’s Series was designed specifically with women in mind. There are two different styles in the Women’s Series. The 1671 and 1673 are leather lined and have a small stacked heel. They are a very similar fit to normal UK women’s sizing. The 1441 and 1443 are unisex sizing, leather-lined, have a hole punch design round the elastic and are slightly higher at the ankle.

Neither of the Women’s Series boots come with spare insoles.

Dress Series

The Dress Series is a sleeker design than the other Blundstone styles with a thinner sole and a chisel toe. They are unlined and don’t come with a spare insole. 

Kids Boots

All Blundstone kids boots come with a spare set of insoles. You can start with the insoles in the boots for a snugger fit and remove them as your child grows for a more roomy fit. 

In Blundstones, kids boots are a smaller fit than the equivalent adult size – so a size 3 in the Classic Series will be a bigger fit than a kids size 3. 

Safety Series

There are two Blundstone safety work boots: the stout brown 192 (EN ISO 20345), and the black 910 (EN ISO 20345 CES3) with extra mid-sole penetration protection. Both have steel toecaps.

How do I treat/condition my boots?

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We sell replacement Blundstone and Redback footbeds. These are to replace the original footbed of the boots if they get worn out. We also sell Blundstone sheepskin insoles. These can be used in any Blundstone boots and will provide a snugger fit than a normal Blundstone footbed.

We also sell a thin Actifresh insole that can be placed underneath the footbed of any of the boots we sell, to provide a snugger fit. 


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