Northamptonshire in England is renowned for being the shoe making capital of the world. For nearly 900 years, workers in the area have been producing some of the best known footwear brands and styles. In 1881, eleven men got together to form a workers' co-operative called the Northamptonshire Productive Society (NPS) Shoes Ltd. In the 1950s, NPS produced the first English pair of sample boots with air-cushioned soles for Dr Marten. For 35 years, NPS produced Solovair (sole-of-air) boots and shoes under licence sold under the name of Dr Martens by Solovair. 

NPS now designs and manufactures a range of classic footwear styles which are commissioned by some of the largest UK and international brands. Combining over 130 years of traditional craftsmanship and tooling, their extraordinarily skilled workers and the latest technology and materials, all footwear produced at the NPS factory is of the finest quality. 

We are pleased to present two classic boots - 100% made (with love and care) at the NPS factory in Wollaston, Northamptonshire under their own brand name - Solovair.

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