Rossi boots are BACK!

We are now stocking the 303 Endura in Claret (dark brown) and Tan, the 607 Booma in Tan and the 795 Hercules safety boot in Claret (dark brown).

Some notes on Sizing

Rossi boots come up true to size for men and women, although some women find that they need to go down a size if they are between sizes. Rossi boots are different from Blundstones and Redbacks in that the half size provides extra width AND length, as opposed to just extra width (which is the case with Blundstone and Redback). Any thoughts or questions on sizing please ask.

The heavy-weight leather used for Rossi boots are dyed right the way through, so there are no white edges on the cuts. The 303 and Booma feature Nitrile Rubber soles, air cushioned with polyurethane interiors. The 607 Booma soles have the same properties but are a thinner profile and feature a special shallow tread than doesn't hold mud. The 795 Hercules safety boot features a Surtek graphite/ceramic protective film over the leather in the toe area as well as the standard internal steel cap. They are acid, oil and slip  resistant.

Natural variation in finish

Please be aware that the leathers that Rossi Boots use to make their boots are a natural material, using full grain premium hides, and are tanned using a combination of oils and waxes to create high quality, durable, breathable, comfortable boots. The leathers are hand selected, however they may have natural scars, markings, and unevenness in colour due to our natural tanning methods.

These imperfections should not be misconstrued as flaws, as this is what makes Rossi leathers beautiful and unique. Rossi leathers are more natural and breathable than most other boot manufacturers. That is why so many people around the world love their Rossi Boots.

As a result, the product can vary from the pictures provided. Additionally, the appearance of the leather will change as it ages and develops its natural patina. Using natural boot wax/oil is a good idea, and will slightly darken the leathers by nourishing the leather.

Rossi boots are handmade with care, and each product may differ slightly from the next.

And a general note

We recommend using a natural clear boot wax to nourish, protect and soften the leather.

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